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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Marine Corps Intelligence

Part of the mission of Criminal Justice Online is to cull through the Internet and bring you timely, interesting and useful open source intelligence. Recently, the United States Marine Corps published its Marine Corps Intelligence Civillian Career Development Guide.

Excerpt from the guide:

In this 21st century, the Marine Corps faces mission and management challenges that call for a new responsiveness to career development. Decreasing resources and rightsizing are just two of the challenges mandating that the human resources of the organization be developed and managed to meet increasing workload expectations.

It is imperative that all members of Marine Corps Intelligence maintain and expand theirprofessional skills to maximize individual and collective potential. A career developmentplan is essential to ensure employees’ training and development activities are strategically aligned to the mission.

The Marine Corps has established procedures and tools to educate, train, and retain its workforce to ensure that its staff has the ability to provide timely, objective, and cogent military intelligence to the nation’s warfighters, policy makers, and acquisition community; to ensure that employees have the opportunity to pursue fulfilling and challenging careers; and to maximize the potential of its people through planned career development.Both supervisors and employees share the responsibility for developing a workforce with the skills to make an expanded contribution to the mission—a contribution linking individual work satisfaction and performance to accomplishing goals and meeting the challenges of Marine Corps Intelligence.

To be successful employees are expected to take a positive approach to career development. Marine Corps Intelligence offers a competency-based training curriculum that is linked to the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for successful job performance. All employees are encouraged to participate in scheduled training courses, workshops, seminars, and on-the-job developmental assignments designed to assist them in reaching their full potential.

Employees are also encouraged to work with mentors who can help guide them along their chosen paths.This guide provides information on the Career Development Program, as well as other educational opportunities available to both civilian and military personnel.

The entire guide can be downloaded here.

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