Friday, February 13, 2009


(MELROSE) – Massachusetts law enforcement agencies have a new partner in the fight against crime: Hunt’s Photo and Video.

The Melrose-based digital imaging equipment retailer, New England’s largest, has recently been named a registered dealer for two revolutionary products that eliminate errors and dramatically enhance the accuracy of the booking and interviewing process.

SmartShot™ from Hunter Systems Group, Inc. of Marshfield enables law enforcement agencies to create uniform mugshot photos that comply with national governmental standards. Comprising a camera, , mounting hardware, and software, the SmartShot™ system automates the picture-taking process and eliminates common errors in pose, lighting, background, depth of field, pixel size, compression algorithm, aspect ratio and more. In addition, the easy-to-use SmartShot™ can be readily integrated into existing records management systems or stand alone with its own state-of-the-art management system.

SmartShot™’s new capabilities take the guesswork out of creating reliable, usable mugshots, says Stan Goldberg, sales manager for Law Enforcement, Medical and Audio Visual integration at Hunt’s.

“SmartShot™ makes every officer a mugshot pro,” he explains. “It produces high quality photos that can be blown up to any size and standardizes head and shoulder photos so you’ll never again hear a defense attorney say, ‘My client’s picture was different than the others and that’s why he or she got picked.’ It’s a way to level the field for both law enforcement agencies and the people who get arrested.”

SmartShot also save time and simplifies operation. “The officer just hits a button on the computer and the photo is stored right into a mugshot folder,” Goldberg says. “You don’t even have to take the card out of the camera.”

Available in New England exclusively through Hunt’s Photo and Video, SmartShot™ is affordably priced for the needs of small and large law enforcement agencies.


Hunt’s new role as a registered dealer of the CaseCracker Interview management System will increase accountability and trust in police departments throughout New England.

The easy-to-use digital video recording and management tool from Cardinal Peak of Colorado provides clear, dependable visual documentation of suspect interviews so jurors can see exactly how a person looked and acted during questioning.

The CaseCracker’s user-friendly operating system also provides ready access and review so investigators can instantly return to any point in the recording after the interview has ended. “This is a great feature that saves precious time when officers are searching for important information,” Goldberg says. “It allows them to go back and find exactly what they need even in long interviews.”

Handwritten interview notes also are eliminated with the CaseCracker’s computerized note-taking system. “It frees officers from the distraction of writing by allowing them to type in their comments during the interview,” Goldberg explains. “The interviewers are able to focus more fully on the subject and what is being said rather than note-taking.” In addition, the CaseCracker enables other investigators to discreetly prompt the primary interviewer without interrupting the session’s flow. The CaseCracker’s simple to use, reliable system protects officers from claims of misconduct, coercion or abuse.

Goldberg, a longtime expert in designing and delivering cutting-edge digital imaging and interview room solutions for law enforcement, says the new CaseCracker and SmartShop™ systems will broaden Hunt’s horizons.

“Hunt’s has always been a premier imaging equipment supplier. Now we’re putting systems together and selling law enforcement solutions. It will be put us in a whole different business environment,” he says.

To find out more about SmartShot™ and the CaseCracker Interview Management System, contact Goldberg at, 781-662-8822, or 617-680-4627.

Hunt’s Photo and Video is the largest specialty retailer of photo, video and digital imaging products in New England. Family owned and operated for three generations, Hunt’s is headquartered in Melrose, MA, with branches in Boston, Cambridge and Hadley, MA, Providence, RI, So. Portland, ME, and Manchester, NH.

Serving beginners, students, hobbyists and professional photographers throughout the United States, Hunt’s has created its own picture of success with competitive pricing, sales expertise and exceptional customer service. Visit Hunt’s online at

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