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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Georgetown Texas Criminal Lawyer

This is a review of the website for Georgetown Texas Criminal Lawyer Mark Morales.  The website is well designed, loads quickly and easy to navigate.  Unlike many sites, this attorney related website has made the contact information readily visible and easy to find.  The telephone number and the location of the law offices are prominent on the first page as well as subsequent contact pages.

If you navigate to the “Practices Areas” of the website you will find of the major types of criminal cases the firm handles, as well as a listing on several non-criminal types of law such as paternity and child support.  Moreover, the listing of the types of cases handled can be clicked and further information about the type of case found.

One of the most interesting sections on the website is the “Success Stories” area.  If you visit this page you will find a comprehensive list of actual cases.  You can read the date, charge and outcome.  Many of the outcomes of the criminal cases listed are dismissed, not guilty at trial or stated that the final conviction was for a lesser charge. Additionally, on the same page, the reader will find several testimonials from prior clients.

An interesting place to visit on attorney websites is the “Attorney Profile” section.  As with this site, the section tells you about the lawyers themselves  (education, experience, philosophy) and key staff biographies. 

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