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Friday, September 13, 2013

New Poetry Anthology: Request for Submissions

New Poetry Anthology: Request for Submissions

Goodbye, Mexico: Poems of Remembrance will be a poetry anthology of original work composed in response to the following question: what do you remember about Mexico?

That Mexico has been irrevocably altered by the ravages of narco-violence is indisputable.  Together with other complex dynamics of the current century, such as globalization, the failing middle class, and the disrupted tourist industry, this beloved country has changed almost beyond recognition.  Many people on both sides of the border grieve the loss of the Mexico that was, particularly the Mexico that existed during the last half of the Twentieth century.  This volume will give voice to poets on this side of the border.

This anthology will gather the varied voices of accomplished poets reaching into and beyond nostalgia to remember, to honor, or to document (through figurative imagery) their experiences.  These recollections may be sharp or sad, hilarious or tragic, celebratory or condemning.  Each poet will have his/her own unique reactions to remembering Mexico and its people, and the vibrant border culture.

We are seeking strong poems of human experience and personal reactions.  Do not send your polemics; do not send performance poetry.  The poems we want to see will be distinguished by a high level of craft in an array of voices and verse forms.  The poems may approach the topic directly or obliquely.

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