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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Naloxone Toolkit Available From Bureau of Justice Assistance

The U.S. Department of Justice recently released a Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit, available on the BJA NTTAC website.

The Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit is a one-stop clearinghouse of information and resources for state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies interested in establishing a naloxone program. Naloxone is a potentially lifesaving drug known for effectively restoring breathing to a victim in the midst of a heroin or other opioid overdose. Drug overdoses claim 110 American lives daily, more than those caused by gunshot wounds and motor vehicle crashes. The toolkit gives law enforcement officers and their agencies the knowledge and tools they need to prevent overdose incidents from becoming fatalities in the interval before emergency medical services arrive. It includes 80 resources from 30 contributing law enforcement and public health agencies, such as data collection forms, standard operating procedures, law enforcement officer training guides, community outreach materials and memoranda of agreement - all of which can be downloaded by agencies and customized for their own organization. Technical assistance is also available on request.

For more information, visit the BJA NTTAC website or e-mail

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