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Friday, September 04, 2015

Search for International Murder Suspect Leads U.S. Marshals to a Prison Cell

Las Cruces, NM - A fugitive wanted in Mexico for murder is now in the hands of Mexican authorities after he was deported by U.S. Marshals Monday. Ironically, Marshals did not have to search long for murder suspect Isais Perez-Pineda. He was already in prison.

On August 18, an investigator in El Paso, Texas, called the U.S. Marshals in Las Cruces, New Mexico asking for assistance in locating Perez-Pineda. The investigator believed the fugitive had strong ties in the Las Cruses area. During the fugitive investigation, U.S. Marshals discovered Perez-Pineda was actually an inmate and was being held in a New Mexico prison.

Perez-Pineda was originally arrested by immigration authorities in July for illegally reentering the United States. He is currently wanted out of Mexico City for aggravated homicide. When Perez-Pineda’s status was confirmed, U.S. Marshals immediately notified prison authorities and placed a hold on him. This action prevented the fugitive from being released upon completion of his sentence.

On Monday, Perez-Pineda was deported back to Mexico without incident to face his charges.

U.S. Marshals work with many international law enforcement communities to assist in the apprehension of fugitives in the U.S. and abroad. The combined effort and cooperative relationships are effective tools against international crime.

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