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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Attorney Free Consultations

How Consulting a Lawyer Could Help Your Case

Whether you are the one filing a lawsuit or are the recipient of a lawsuit notification, the thought of the court costs involved with such an event can get overwhelming. In fact, many people consider trying to handle court cases and settlements themselves in spite of little to no legal training in an effort to save money over hiring a lawyer. However, there are many good reasons why consulting a lawyer could benefit your case – even financially.

Consultations Are Usually Free

First of all, it’s important to understand that in many instances, it doesn’t cost you a thing to sit down and talk with a lawyer about your case for 30-60 minutes. Many attorneys offer free consultations that help them to determine if you have a viable lawsuit (or means to fight a lawsuit) and if their services would be a good fit for you. There usually is no obligation to hire the lawyer on the spot, so you can go home and mull it over or even visit with a few other lawyers to make sure you choose the right one. This is a benefit that only costs a little bit of your time.

Many Work on Contingency

In addition to free consultations, there are also many attorneys who choose to work on contingency. This means they do not require a fee for their services unless you win your case. If you lose your case or are not awarded any compensation, then the lawyer doesn’t charge you. If you do win or receive compensation, then the attorney will likely take a percentage of that compensation as a fee. You will need to consult with your lawyer of choice to determine if he or she works on contingency.

They Handle Much of the Work

Another way that hiring a lawyer could help your case is with the stress of the workload. If you’ve never filed a lawsuit before, the amount of paperwork and different deadlines involved might surprise you. If your case involves an injury, then it can be difficult to take care of paperwork and other procedures when you’re trying to heal. Your attorney handles the hard work for you and should consult with you to keep you up to date on the progress of your lawsuit.

Get More in Compensation

Legal professionals with experience handling cases involving monetary compensation are often skilled enough to negotiate a higher compensation than you might get if you handled your case yourself. This often helps you to receive the full benefit of your compensation in addition to covering the costs of hiring an attorney. Attorneys who work on contingency stand to benefit from a high compensation. After all, the more you are awarded, the more they get paid. In other words, they have a financial stake in helping you acquire as much compensation as possible.

While it’s tempting to try handling your own case in a court of law, oftentimes the benefits outweigh the costs of hiring a lawyer. If you’re facing a lawsuit, start researching lawyers to consult about your case right away.

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