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Friday, June 01, 2012

Court Reporter Services

A crucial part of the criminal justice system is the record keeping of trials.  The testimony given, statements by the attorneys, and rulings and instructions issued by the judge are all memorialized by a court reporter.  In a civil setting, the functions of the court reporter often extend into pre-trial events such as depositions.  While court reporters working for a court are usually employed by the court, those working in the pre-trial setting are usually provided by the litigants. 

One such service is Husbey, a national court reporting and litigation services firm.  Their website is well organized and easy to navigate.  It clearly outlines their multiple services and key features.  In addition to providing standard court reporting services, they also provide a large number of technology driven litigation support services.  As an example, the can provide legal videography, web-based scheduling, web-based calendar management and web-based document repository services.

On their website you will find links to well produced videos demonstrating their client services.  And, easy to navigate links that take you to an in depth explanation of their products and services.  One such link takes you to trial services.  This link, designed as a one stop center for an attorney’s needs before and during trial, is an excellent resource.  In addition to the aforementioned court reporting and technology based services Husbey offers human expertise in trial consultation.

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