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Friday, January 11, 2013

Indianapolis Police Officer Pens Top Ten True Crime Book

On January 11, 2013, True Crime Zone announced the top ten reader’s choice for true crime novels. Captain Robert L. Snow, a 30 year veteran of the Indianapolis Police Department, was among the winners with his book Slaughter on North LaSalle. 

According to the book description of Slaughter on North Lasalle, “On December 1, 1971, the bodies of Robert Gierse, James Barker, and Robert Hinson were found in their blood-spattered Indianapolis home. All three had reputations as prodigious womanizers, hard-drinking bar fighters, and unscrupulous businessmen--the kind of men with more enemies than friends. When detectives searched the home and discovered an address book used as a sex contest scorecard, their new suspect list included jilted one-night stands, jealous boyfriends, and husbands--dozens upon dozens of names. Sensational reports and rumors soon overwhelmed the investigation , and real answers eluded the police and the media alike for three decades, until Roy West, a detective with a reputation for cracking "unsolvable" cases, re-opened the files.”

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