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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

AYP camp offers a real CSI experience

by Senior Airman Matthew Lotz
31st Fighter Wing Public Affairs

8/12/2014 - AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy -- The Aviano Youth Programs summer camp gave 36 children, a special opportunity to visit with the Pordenone Carabinieri's Crime Scene Investigations unit, Aug. 6, for a Crime Scene Investigation Camp.

Team Aviano's junior detectives, ages 9 to 13, learned from Italian Carabinieri CSI unit about crime scenes investigation, forensic science and how autopsies are performed.

"We want the kids to learn and appreciate the science and skill the Italian law enforcement puts into each investigation," said Michael Rumbut, 31st Force Support Squadron assistant youth program supervisor. "With this [camp], we want them to understand the time [the Carabinieiri] puts into the job, with team work, critical thinking and attention to detail all being used."

The unique, interactive experience gave the children a different perspective on criminal investigations, rather than watching it on television or in a movie. While TV shows often depict investigators solving criminal cases in a one-hour time slot, the children quickly realized it takes much more teamwork and coordination than depicted.

"When I saw Robocop, it was just him that scanned the entire crime scene to help him find the criminals," said Giorgio Caporaletti, son of Eri and Beth Caporaletti. "Now I see that there is a lot more people that work on a crime scene to catch who did it."

During the summer, the AYP has provided various activities for kids while military parents are at work. The childcare center allowed them to choose from 30 different camps throughout the summer that let them get hands-on knowledge of things they were interested in.

"Each camp the AYP has put on teaches the kids something different," said Rumbut. "The open recreation center has already put on camps such as geocaching, farming, wilderness, film making, fine arts and mad science."

With the start of school around the corner, the AYP's summer camps will end with CSI, Cooking, Volleyball, Kickball, Splish Splash, Sports Spectacular and a Carnival Camp.

"The CSI camp was the fastest camp to fill up and one of our more popular ones," said Rumbut. ""With as much participation as we have had this summer, the AYP will definitely offer the summer camp programs again next year."

While the AYP looks to continue the popular summer camps next year, they recommend parents interested in signing up their kids for next year do it sooner than later.

"We have limited spots for parents to sign their kids up for each camp and they fill extremely fast," said Rumbut. "I recommend to parents that they sign their children up for something that is new to them. There is no better way to learn and grow, than expanding your knowledge base."

Although the summer camps are almost done, the AYP has plenty more sports and activities to offer for the rest of the year. For more information on these activities and events, call 632-7575.

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