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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Report Looks at Analytical Capabilities of Offender Tracking Devices

The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center System's National Criminal Justice Technology Research, Test, and Evaluation Center has completed work on Geospatial Monitoring of Community-Released Offenders: An Analytics Market Survey, Version 2.0. This 67-page PDF report looks at the analytical capabilities of seven electronic monitoring devices. It summarizes and compares the products' analytical capabilities and includes information on data formatting and information exchange, computing system requirements, and operator/analyst education and training requirements. Under these various categories, the report provides a profile of each product and a table for side-by-side comparison.

In the past, agencies have not made analytical capabilities a priority in selecting offender tracking devices, but capabilities such as crime scene analysis, data and text mining, social network analysis and predictive modeling could help agencies determine client behavioral patterns and predict future outcomes, thus helping the agencies to better manage their caseloads and work schedules. Download the report from  

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