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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Military and Police Books of the Year

Between the three websites, more than 2,500 American Heroes and their books are listed.

June 9, 2013, (San Dimas, CA) American Heroes Press, the publishers of, and, announced the results of their annual recognition.

2013 Military Book of the Year:

Pass Me the Rice by Robert G. Kay

2013 Police Book of the Year:

Fatal Destiny: The Carjacking Murder of Dr. Pam Basu by James H. Lilley

The 2013 Book of the Year
Robert G. Kay is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and currently resides in Pensacola, Fla. with his Vietnamese wife. He retired from the US Navy as a lieutenant in 1969 after being wounded and losing his leg in Vietnam. He returned to Vietnam as a civilian advisor to the Vietnamese Navy at the request of the commander of US Naval Forces in Vietnam. He held this post until the military left the country in March 1973. He then worked for the Defense Attaché Office in Saigon until the fall of South Vietnam in April 1975. He retired from Civil Service in 1997, where he worked as a supervisory repair engineer for PERA (Surface) in the former Philadelphia Naval Shipyard.  Robert G. Kay is the author of Pass Me The Rice.
According to the book description of Pass Me the Rice, “Vietnam. It’s perhaps one of least known yet most controversial wars in American history. What’s even more obscure are the tales of Americans serving in the country and interacting with the culture of war-torn Vietnamese civilians. Pass Me the Rice shares these experiences with readers.

In Pass Me the Rice, author Robert G. Kay reveals the everyday life of an American advisor during the Vietnam War in a true, historical and often humorous account of his experiences while serving the first two of his eventual eight years in country. The book provides a unique perspective on the early Vietnam War by offering a glimpse of Americans’ encounters with Vietnamese armed forces and civilians.

As an expert in Vietnamese culture, Kay’s novel also sheds light on the value of casting off ethnocentric worldviews. It offers an inside look at a country in a prolonged war for survival and a period of history frequently cast aside. “The book shows how to deal with another culture in the most dire of circumstances and why we shouldn’t judge other cultures by our own standards,” Kay says. “It is necessary to be aware of culture and avoid making mistakes that are viewed as insulting.”

The 2013 Book of the Year
James H. Lilley is a former Marine and Police Sergeant with the Howard County Police Department (Maryland). He worked in the Uniformed Patrol Division, Criminal Investigations Division, Forensic Services (CSI) and Drug Enforcement Division. His Street Drug Unit was featured in the book "Undercover" by Hans Halberstadt and published by Simon and Schuster. Some of his awards include The Medal of Valor, Four Bronze Stars, Four Unit Citations and the Governor's Citation. He is also an 8th Degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate and the first American to be promoted to the rank of Black Belt by Mr. Takeshi Miyagi. James Lilley is the author of seven books: The Eyes of the Hunter; A Miracle for Tony Clements; The Far Side of the Bridge; A Question of Honor; Just Retribution; Death Knocks Twice; FATAL DESTINY - The Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu; and, Mr. Miyagi and Me.

According to the book description of FATAL DESTINY - The Carjacking Murder of Doctor Pam Basu, “The brutal death of Doctor Pam Basu and forcible taking of her car on September 8, 1992 is the singular incident, which defined carjacking. Her senseless killing was truly the murder reported around the world. From CBS, NBC and ABC to CNN and FOX News, People and Time Magazines, her death created a media frenzy.

The outcry over Pam Basu's murder brought thunderous applause from members of her community when they were told the suspects could face the death penalty. But, the cries for justice continued, and her death became the catalyst for House Bill H.R. 4542, The Anti-Car Theft Act of 1992. President George H. W. Bush signed that bill into law in the presence of members of the International Association of Chiefs of Police on October 25, 1992.

The case continues to make national news, as suspects pursue appeals and challenge legislation and court rulings. The crime has been cited in the Baltimore Sun, Washington Post, New York Times, London Times, The Associated Press, Los Angeles Times, USA Today and others. The media has referred to the Basu carjacking as "the crime that won't go away." The crime stands as a lead case cited in legal documents, court cases and dictionaries. It has been cited as a primary case in West's Encyclopedia of American Law and Webster's Online Dictionary.

Yet, this hideous killing held a double twist that seemed better suited to a Hollywood Thriller. Pam's husband, Steve, while videotaping her departure from their home with their daughter, Sarina, captured the images of the two men who would moments later brutally beat and drag to death his loving wife. And, she lived and died in a town called Savage, Maryland.  Howard County Police Officer, Jody Ann Tookey (the first officer on the scene of the crime), said, "Two days after the murder I sat down to dinner and suddenly became sick.  I couldn't touch my food, because I could see her body lying there in the road. And, sometimes, my stomach still turns. I had nightmares for days. I saw the victim standing in the roadway asking me for help. She would yell at me to do something and her child would cry. In the days before the first trial I had the nightmares again. I still have the horrible dreams, but not as often. People tell me I'll always have them."

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