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Thursday, January 26, 2017

How Do I Know If My Body Armor Fits? Justice Technology Information Center Has Information to Help You Decide

Female Body Armor ImageProper fit for ballistic armor plays an extremely important role in its performance, especially when it comes to female armor. This makes knowing where to find information on proper measurement and fit more important than ever. The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Justice Technology Information Center (JTIC), through its and JUSTNET websites, provides access to downloadable publications and videos on body armor and fit. These materials can provide all the details agencies need to know to ensure their officers are measured properly and the fit of the finished vests is assessed accurately. In addition, criminal justice professionals can sign up to receive free access, sponsored by NIJ, to all ASTM standards, including ASTM E3003, Standard Practice for Body Armor Wearer Measurement and Fitting of Armor. Check out these resources:
NLECTC Minutes: Female Body Armor,

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