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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Solicitation: Research, Development, and Evaluation of Technologies to Improve School Safety

School safety is a matter of great concern to community members as well as education and public safety professionals across the nation. The Comprehensive School Safety Initiative (CSSI) funds rigorous research to produce practical knowledge that can improve the safety of schools and students. The Initiative is carried out through partnerships between researchers, educators, and other stakeholders; including law enforcement, behavioral and mental health professionals, courts, and other justice system professionals. Projects funded under the CSSI are designed to produce knowledge that can be applied to schools and school districts across the nation for years to come.
Technology is an essential element of safety practices in schools of all sizes and grade levels. Use of school safety technology has increased in recent years. For example, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that the percentage of schools employing security cameras increased from 19% in 2000 to 75% in 2014.

This solicitation, which is part of the CSSI, seeks applications for funding to support projects to:
1. demonstrate and evaluate the application of existing technologies to improve school safety; or that
2. develop, demonstrate, and evaluate innovative, new technologies that can improve the safety of schools.

The deadline for applications under this funding opportunity is March 30.

           Downloadthe solicitation.

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