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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

FBI News: Need Help with Your Homework?

It’s that time of year again...backpacks are full of books, pencils are sharpened, and the smell of fall is in the air. School is back in session—and that means homework, exams, and reports are back on the table as well.

For students doing a paper on the FBI or looking for specific information about us, is a great resource. You can find everything from a general overview of our organization to a comprehensive history of the Bureau since its beginnings. You can explore the Vault, our electronic reading room, which contains our declassified files on everything from Al Capone to Watergate. You can find out what exactly the FBI investigates and read in-depth reports on terrorism and a variety of other topics. There is even an interactive Fun & Games section if you need to take a break from all that work. And that’s only the tip of the information iceberg.

Whatever you’re looking for that’s Bureau-related, be sure to come here first...hopefully can help you ace that assignment.

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