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Sunday, September 02, 2012

West Legal Edcenter

The West Legal EdCenter is a well organized and easy to navigate website that provides continuing legal education (CLE) to law practitioners.  Anyone working in the legal field, from attorneys to paralegals would benefit from their library which contains more than 22,000 hours of up-to-date CLE “spanning all learning levels and covering every practice area.” 

The West LegalEdCenter assists attorneys and others involved in legal practice in meeting their continuing legal education requirements by providing a searchable database of current, cutting-edge curriculm.  In addition to meeting their CLE requirements, the website assists attorneys in staying current in their area of practice by providing programming and content in thirty specific practice areas.   Moreover, West LegalEdCenter has on demand programs which focus on business skills and business management skills those running legal operations need.

In addition to providing superior CLE content, the West LegalEdCenter also produces live webcasts on hot legal topics and introduces 80 new programs each month.  These programs and content are developed in cooperation with the West LegalEdCenter’s more than 40 expert content providers.

Websites which are rich in content sometimes make it difficult to find the specific information you need.  West LegalEdCenter solved this problem by providing robust and comprehensive search tools allow the user to search by practice area, accreditation requirements, specific state laws, title, subject and speaker.  The search tools making find the specific continuing legal education you need simple and quick.

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