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Thursday, June 02, 2016

New Forensics Webinars Available

The NIJ Forensics Technology Center of Excellence has loaded two new archival webinars to its website, "What Could Happen When Prosecutors Don't Follow the Rules?" and "Microbial Forensics Webinar 2."

Anthony Graves, also known as Death Row Exoneree 138, spent 18.5 years in prison, 16 in solitary confinement, 12 on Texas Death Row, with two execution dates, for a crime he did not commit. Due in part to the work of The Innocence Network, Graves was vindicated and released in 2010. Learn more about his story in "What Could Happen When Prosecutors Don't Follow the Rules?", a 40-minute webinar available at
. This event was originally part of the 2015 Impression Pattern and Trace Evidence Symposium.

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