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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Business Litigation Website

The Adishian Law Group website is one of the most interesting I have reviewed.   The biography of the founder of the law group, Christopher M. Adishian, says that he is “tech-savvy.”  He website supports that claim.  Not only is it well designed, easy to navigate and filled with useful content, it is well integrated with a variety of social media.   Moreover, the content is well mapped out and the structure of the website is thoughtful, making information easy to locate. 

The core practice areas listed on the website – corporate law, employment law and real estate law generally fall under the category of business litigation.  When browsing through the website you can go to the web resources and will find a large number of useful links to information pertaining to the section.  As an example, the Corporate and Business Law section gives you access to everything from the California Department of Corporations to the United States Patent Office.

 Additionally, the law firm’s website gives some of the most comprehensive examples of the type of legal work they do and you (or I) may need.  As an example, if you go to the Breach of Employment Contract section, the website gives you information on what that type of case might consist of and then offers the reader the opportunity to submit their case online.   The online case submission page is creative, convenient and well thought out.

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