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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Police Use Facebook to Make Arrest

An Arizona man skipped town after learning Police Officials were looking for him on 12 felony drug charges.  Traveling across the country, David Matthew Folsom Holz, 21, settled down in Maury County, Tennessee in an effort to allude police in his apprehension.  While nestled in the quaint community of Maury County, Folsom found himself feeling comforted and relaxed with his new home away from home.  However, he apparently became so relaxed, he forgot Police officials were looking for him back in Arizona and decided to set up a Facebook account.

Arizona Police Officials were given information about Holz's Facebook page and used the information posted on the page to track him down.  Through cooperative efforts between the two departments, he was taken into custody without incident Tuesday at a residence on Sowell Mill Pike about three hours after a warrant out of Yavapai County, Arizona, was issued for his arrest, Maury County Sheriff’s Capt. Jimmy Tennyson said Thursday. Holz is currently being held without bond in Maury County Jail, awaiting transport back to Arizona. The arrest was part of a six-month investigation into prescription narcotic drug trafficking by authorities in Arizona, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Sgt. James Gregory said Thursday. Multiple raids yielded 42 arrests in three months, he said. 

When Holz returns to Arizona, he will face three counts each of possession of dangerous drugs for sale, possession/use of dangerous drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and use of an electronic device during a drug offense, according to his arrest warrant. Winfrey said Holz has been in Maury County since April. Police found a Jeep that belonged to Holz abandoned in Arizona and were able to track him down by using Facebook, Winfrey said. His profile page said he was working as a line cook at Shoney’s in Columbia and had been living in an apartment with his fiance, 23-year-old Jessica Jansen.


Holz's fiance, Jansen, is also wanted on separate drug related charges but managed to allude police a second time.  She still remains at large for multiple drug violations.  Detective Winfrey stated the residents of Maury County can easily spot Jansen as she has a "very whiny and very high pitched voice" when confronted about her history in Arizona.

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