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Monday, August 06, 2012

Federal Government Contract Training Seminars

The Federal government contracts billions of dollars in goods and services each year to private firms.  Your company likely has some product or service which is regularly contracted by the Federal government.  The barrier to entry into contracting with Federal, State and local governments is understanding and ultimately managing the contract process.

Federal Publication Seminars maintains a valuable source of information regarding the contracting process and provides Federal Government Contract Training Seminars.  The website is well organized, easy to navigate and loaded with tons of valuable information.  Along the left hand margin you will find an easy to find listing of general categories of the courses offered. As an example, if you click on the “government contracting” link you will find a comprehensive listing of courses on subjects ranging from Federal Appropriations and Fiscal Law to the Basics of Government Contracting. 

In addition to a comprehensive online course catalogue, the website includes a book sections, blog and program listing.  The book section is a large library of books and manuals a firm would need to understand, win and manage government contracts.  The blog provides constant updates on issues relating to government contracting. 

The website’s value doesn’t end at understanding the government contracting process.  It also provides courses, books and other resources relative to international contracting.  As you may know, many of the goods exported from the United States are subject to export regulations.  Like the Federal government contracting process, export regulations and the attended processes can be complex and overwhelming.  However, reaching the other 5.5 billion people on the planet may make understanding how your firm and its goods and services are regulated worth the journey.  If so, Federal Publication Seminars is the place to start.

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