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Monday, January 27, 2014

Foreign Fugitive Apprehended in Small Town Georgia

Atlanta, GA – The U.S. Marshals from Northern District of Georgia, Gainesville office, with the assistance of Gainesville Police Department, arrested a foreign fugitive yesterday who is charged with aggravated homicide in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Marcos Trejo Villeda, aka Marco Antonio Trejo Villeda, 33, has been a fugitive since 2011 when he was indicted for the murder of two individuals in the town of Xilitla. On July 3, 2008, Trejo Villeda attended a party where he began arguing with Tito Herrera Trejo. As he was leaving the party Herrera Trejo threw a beer can at him. Trejo Villeda did not respond but continued to leave the party. Shortly thereafter, Trejo Villeda returned and without a word, fired a gun at Herrera Trejo and Meregildo Rojo Martinez, shooting them in the head, killing both victims. Trejo Villeda then fled from the party.

On October 22, 2013, a provisional arrest warrant was received by the U.S. Marshals in Houston, Texas. Marshals in Houston located Trejo Villeda in Gainesville through a 2011 arrest by Hall County Sheriff’s Office for DUI. He was sentenced and released. Trejo Villeda believed he was in the clear because in September 2013 he renewed his driver’s license and vehicle registration under his legal name.

The Marshals in Houston sent the lead to the Gainesville sub-office. The deputies quickly started working the case. After conducting surveillance at the two addresses in Gainesville, they soon realized that this case would be more than just a discrete locate. The Assistant United States Attorney in Atlanta obtained an arrest warrant on January 15, 2014.

On Tuesday, deputies conducted surveillance at the home address and located two vehicles registered to Trejo Villeda with an apartment address. Yesterday morning, while conducting surveillance at the apartment, deputies observed the truck registered to Trejo Villeda leave and drive to the home. Trejo Villeda parked the truck, entered a van and left to a nearby Racetrak gas station, where he was arrested by the Marshals Service with the assistance of Gainesville Police Department.

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