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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

173rd Security Forces Squadron partners with local police

by 2nd Lt. Adrian Mateos
173rd Fighter Wing

4/29/2014 - KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. -- Kingsley Field's shooting range and 173rd Fighter Wing Security Forces training facilities here provided the latest venue for the Klamath Falls City Police Special Weapons and Tactics Team to partner with the 173rd Fighter Wing March 19.

Klamath Falls law enforcement agencies and the 173rd Fighter Wing face challenges where missions with growing demands suffer shrinking resources and Wing and community leaders say partnerships are playing a vital role in maintaining those missions.

"We have saved money for our guys going [on temporary duty] since the closest facilities are at Camp Rilea and Redmond," said Chief Master Sgt. Joseph Stickel, 173rd Security Forces superintendent. "It also saves a lot of other local agencies money because they can use the buildings, so it's a good partnership opportunity."

During an exercise the KFPD SWAT Team practiced mounted approaches on an all-terrain vehicle operated by a 173rd Security Forces Defender normally used for recovery operations. Upon dismounting, the team entered and cleared numerous simulated urban training structures on the base.

Those structures called a mount village simulate an urban environment and are the only ones available in the region. Security Forces troops constructed the entire village as a self-help project in their off-duty hours.

Detective Jack Daniel, KFPD SWAT assistant team leader, explained to Airmen and police officers that this partnership allows local law enforcement agencies to provide a high quality training experience to their personnel while reducing training costs. Also, the proximity to the KFPD headquarters allows them to respond to a real-word incident, should the need arise.

Efforts like this garnered the 173rd Fighter Wing the Air Force Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award for the Air National Guard for its Public-Public, Public-Private program, also known as P4. This is an initiative designed to find new and innovative ways to partner with the local community.

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