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Monday, July 02, 2012

U.S. Border Patrol Weekly Blotter, Blaine Sector June 14– June 27

Blaine, Wash. – The information listed below is from arrests and seizures related to the U.S. Border Patrol in the Blaine Sector area of operations. For security reasons, this may not be a complete list of enforcement actions.

06/19/2012- Port Angeles agents took custody of two subjects who were scheduled to be released from the Greys Harbor Correctional Facility. Border Patrol agents had previously placed an immigration detainer on the subjects. One of the subjects had previously been convicted of a felony for drug importation. Both subjects admitted to being citizens of Mexico illegally present in the United States and were processed for reinstatement of prior orders of removal.

06/21/2012- Operators of a remote video surveillance system observed a suspicious individual in the Peace Arch Park during the hours of darkness when the park is closed. Due to the suspicious activity and close proximity to the United States/Canada border, agents responded to the area. A Border Patrol canine was deployed and a search was conducted for the individual. The canine unit located a subject hiding in the bushes in an attempt to conceal himself. The subject, who admitted to being a citizen of Guatemala illegally present in the United States, was placed under arrest and processed for removal.

06/22/2012- Border Patrol agents responded to a request for assistance from the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office in Port Angeles, WA regarding a subject who had be arrested for Driving While Under The Influence. The individual, who admitted to being a citizen of Mexico illegally present in the United States, was placed under arrest and subject was processed for removal.

06/24/2012- Operators of a remote video surveillance system observed two subjects illegally cross the United States/Canada border into Lynden, WA. Sumas Border Patrol agents responded to the area and apprehended the subjects. Both subjects were citizens of India who claimed to be lawful permanent residents in the United States. At the Sumas Station, agents confirmed that both of the subjects had legal status enabling them to remain in the United States. Agents issued citations for Failure to Carry Immigration Documents and Failure to Report Arrival. Both subjects were subsequently released.

06/25/2012- While patrolling the border, Sumas Border Patrol agents witnessed three subjects illegally cross the United States/Canada border west of Sumas, Washington. The agents determined that all of the subjects were citizens of India, who admitted to being illegally present in the United States. The three subjects were placed under arrest and processed for removal.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is the unified border agency within the Department of Homeland Security charged with the management, control and protection of our nation's borders at and between official ports of entry. CBP is charged with keeping terrorists and terrorist weapons out of the country while enforcing hundreds of U.S. laws.

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Brittanicus said...

With key questions answered by the Supreme Court over illegal immigration, our nation must now analyze the growing problem presented to us nationwide. We now have a fair indicator of what each sovereign State has the ability to do, regarding its own sovereignty provisions? Does the Supreme Court’s ruling reject the main aspect of Arizona’s S.D.1070? NO! It has given Arizona a right to control its borders. The courageousness of Arizona that daring to go against the Marxist, Socialist agenda in Obama’s administration, has been seen by most as ruthless grab on power. Attorney General, Eric Holder forever branded by the ‘Fast and Furious’ gun walking outrage and the senseless murder of U.S border agent Brian Terry will ever be on his conscious; if he has a conscious? This man, thirsting for absolute power decided to teach the Grand Canyon State a lesson and in turn, has turned the majority of law abiding Americans against the Obama administration for his actions.

Arizona can now adopt its original statute; ‘ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT’. So rather than take their chances in Arizona, I foresee hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens families fleeing, thereby adding financial torture to the nearest Liberal orientated states like California and Nevada. ILLEGAL ALIENS MUST BE SAYING TO THEMSELVES, “WHY BOTHER WITH A STATE, WHERE YOU COULD BE PULLED OVER FOR A TRAFFIC VIOLATION, WHEN YOU COULD EMPTY CALIFORNIA’S HAMPER OF FREE GOODIES? Hey! California gives free handouts of taxpayer’s cash, so why stay in that border state? Currently California is suffering from a $16 billion dollar deadfall deficit, because of a Liberal Mayor and lobotomized governor. They have been brought upon themselves, by a radical group of politicians who have more loyalty to countries south of the border, than an alliance to the U.S. Constitution. They have allowed the giving of huge amounts of taxpayers’ money to illegal nationals; even as far provide drivers licenses. Soon California and other members of our 50 state unions, will be crying foul? Those states will be monetary hurting even more as the evacuation begins from locations that espouse Arizona’s law. States as Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah that are already financially hurting from the influx of impoverished people, will adapt their statutes so as not to conflict with federal law.


To really make life hash for illegal alien criminals, our spineless Republicans should assume these two bills without fail. Rep. Lamar Smiths bill ‘The Legal Workforce Act’ (H.R. 2885) better known by Americans as E-Verify. Judging by its success as currently a volunteer law, it has become a remarkable electronic program, which detects unauthorized non citizens hired, but then flagged and can only be resolved by stepping into Social Security offices. No illegal alien would dream of doing that, even if they are in possession of procured ID documents? Of course a mainstream Liberal press has carefully tried to demonize the E-Verify business checking Database?

Second in line, but just as paramount in important is the BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP (H.R.140) amendment law. This disqualifies illegal alien mothers able to gain immediate acceptance of their unborn baby smuggled through ports of entry, either across the ocean or through our limited border fence defenses. Foothold children are costing $100 billions of dollars in welfare, cash payments, education and health care treatment. Only the obstacle of pro-illegal alien forces in the Democrat and Republican Party and stopping these bills from becoming the law of the land.

What is that old adage, about ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’? Something like that?