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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

When and How You Should Search a Social Security Number

A Social Security Number is the key piece of information that can open the gate to our lives.  The number is used for work, credit, housing, etc.  However, every time we use the number we place ourselves at risk of fraud.   The number can be stolen, carelessly disclosed or even unintentional disclosed.  For the average consumer, occasionally checking your own Social Security Number is a proactive step that can disclose fraud and help us mitigate damage.

In addition to occasional checks of your own Social Security Number, you should check the activity associated with it any time you may have been exposed to identity theft.  You are at risk of identity theft if your social security card was stolen; document containing the number where compromised; or, you unwittingly disclosed your social security number.

For an employer, there are three key instances when a Social Security Number should be searched: To verify identity and eligibility to work, confirm resume information,  and to verify IRS reporting information.

There are four Basic types of Social Security Number search: Verification; Validation; Background and People Search:

A Verification Search or Social Security number trace discloses public and private records associated with the social security number.  It will tell you when, where and to whom the number was issued; the full name and date of birth of the individual associated with the number; if they have been reported deceased; and, any names or alias associated with the number

A Social Security number validation tells you if the number is valid and to whom it was issued.

A Background Search with a social security number gives a complete report on the person the number was issued to, by checking a multitude of public records.

A People Search determines basic biographic information and the person to whom the number was issued, such as former addresses, date of birth and so forth.

Now that you know when, you can perform the search at  This website performs the necessary searches and provides the information in a usable and easy to read format.

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