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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Book: Jane

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19th Century Murder Solved!

Contact: Mike King, retired police officer and author


New Book: “Jane, A Woman’s Determination and the Wild West Frontier.”

ISBN: 978-057804384-5

Story Overview: Jane McKechnie Walton was murdered during Utah's pioneer day celebration in 1891. One hundred and eighteen years later, her great-great grandson, retired police lieutenant Mike King has solved her homicide. Jane immigrated to the United States from Scotland in 1850, crossing the ocean in a wooden sailing ship where she braved hurricanes, sickness and burials at sea... She walked the American plains as a pioneer and was a member of the famous Hole-in-the-Rock expedition where pioneers lowered wagons and more than 1,000 head of livestock off of two thousand foot cliffs to the Colorado River below. She settled in the four corners area of the western frontier where she and her family dealt with murderous Indians and forsaken outlaws. This true story is gripping and entertaining.

"Jane is the most amazing person you've never heard of," says Tim Gurrister of the Standard Examiner. A must read!

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The Salt Lake City Deseret News released this story:

Recent quotes on “Jane”

“…his research is extensive, and the story of his great-great-grandmother, Jane McKechnie Walton, and the mystery of her death is almost as nearly a definitive Utah Pioneer story as any to come along. … I recommend this book to anyone with pioneer ancestors or with interest in pioneers, ancestral or not. We hear so much about the tragedy of two handcart companies, and not enough about all the other pioneers who made it to Utah from various places around the world and who settled and carved civilization into the wilderness. This book is a step in that direction and one that is worth taking.”

- Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury,

“I just finished reading "Jane" and am so impressed at how you put life and emotions and details into the family history. What a great read!” - Anita Wells

I just finished reading Jane & very much enjoyed it. Nice work!” - Jim Bailey

Great job on the book. I read it during my flight to and from Dallas to Moab, UT. Then I read it again this last weekend. … I really enjoyed the book. Be sure that I will be promoting it with every chance that I get. … Mike, Thanks again for the book and bringing the light into something that not many people know about.” - Roy Blake

I just finished your wonderful book this morning. I found it comprehensive and at times poetic eg. ...sitting and relaxing by the dancing flames at the edge of the campfire's glow. I am a picky reader. I rarely indulge in fiction, so your book was perfect for my tastes. … The book was fabulous. What an accomplishment, what a story. You are truly blessed.”

- Julie Krause

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